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'Perpendicular', Harry/Ginny, 12+

Title: Perpendicular
Ship: Harry/Ginny
Summary: AU: Harry Potter, member of Stonewall High’s sixth form, meets a pretty redhead at a party.
Rating: 12+
Word Count: ~4500
Notes: Vaguely HBP-themed yay! Many thanks to pumpkinpasty for the typo catching and many re-reads.

Tom props himself up on his elbow. ‘So, let me get this straight: you’re falling in love with a posh redhead from boarding school who doesn’t own a telephone.’Collapse )
So, who remembers my slightly odd pre-DH next-gen fics about Harry dying in the final battle and leaving Ginny with his baby? Yeah, this is another sequel. Or, more of a prequel, really, about Ron and Hermione. It is actually my first proper Ron/Hermione fic. *cherry pops* Anyway, I’ve been trying to write this for a long time, and I’m so pleased that it’s finally worked. This fic is the last of the Harry-is-dead series and the last entry into that universe, and imnsho, it’s the best of the bunch. :D

Title: The Dead Boy
Ship: Ron/Hermione
Summary: ‘You’re saying Harry’s sperm can do Legilimency?’ Ron and Hermione in the years after Harry’s death, and the memories that force their way back into Hermione’s head. The sequel to December ’63 (Oh What A Night), which is the sequel to I’ve Never Asked, and the final (finally!) entry into the series.
Rating: 12+
Setting: AU/pre-DH
Word Count: Two parts; words ~22,500 overall
Disclaimer: JKR’s, not mine.
Notes: This is the final oneshot in my AU trilogy in which Harry died in the war, but left a daughter behind him. ‘The Dead Boy’ can be read without its two (gen and Harry/Ginny) prequels; however, if you are so inclined, they can be found here. The titles of Part I and Part II are from the lyrics of Scott Walker’s ‘Jackie’ and Blondie’s ‘Picture This’. Thank you, M and D, for everything; and thank you to anyone who loves this universe – you really did keep me going on this – particularly ruby_dupree. Not dedicated to my sister for reading the romantic bits aloud in a mocking voice and adding ‘I am going to rape you now’ to the end of all Ron’s sentences.

‘You want Harry to commit murder in time to cut the cord?’Collapse )
Title: Dig for Victory
Characters/Ships: Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, George; (Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione)
Summary: Harry finds himself criticising flower arrangements while Ginny spends all her time trying to remember as many embarrassing stories about the happy couple as she can. Everything’s twisted after the war and in more ways than one, and Harry’s worried that if George doesn’t stop drinking everything’s going to fall apart again. The sequel to The Covenant and the final in the Dreams Only series.
Rating: 12+
Word Count: ~3900
Notes: Ladies and gentlemen, I mean it sincerely when I say that you made writing this a pleasure. Special special love for my beta once again, Mingle. ♥ Also, just a reminder that this universe was conceived pre-DH, although it bears huge similarities to the post-DH one, so it probably won’t mess with your head too much. The other two stories in this universe can be found here.

‘Deflecting this by saying “at least he’s not molesting children” isn’t helpful,’ snaps Hermione.Collapse )
Title: The Covenant
Ship: Harry/Ginny
Summary: Then, he got her brother killed. Now, he’s being an idiot. She’s never going to take him back. Set two months after the end of Tread Softly.
Rating: 12+
Word Count: ~5500
Disclaimer: JKR’s, not mine.
Notes: I didn't mean to write this. But I saw the quote it starts with and I couldn’t resist. Thank yous to Mingle whose beta defined awesome. This is dedicated to Diana, because Thou art so true that thoughts of thee suffice/ To make dreams truths, and also because virginity’s nothing; you can lose it riding a bicycle. Comments are of course ♥

When Ron and Hermione have been left to ‘say goodnight’ in the hall, when George has given them all a wink and headed off for the village, when Harry has brushed his teeth and climbed into bed and lain for hours, trying to sleep, it happens.Collapse )
Title: Your Heart’s Desire
Ship: Harry/Ginny/Draco
Summary: Draco and Ginny have an arrangement.
Rating: 15+. ‘Adult Concepts’.
Word Count: ~6000
Notes: Deathly Hallows canon compliant. Hence, spoilers. Thank you so much to rdprice29 for betaing.

It’s remarkably easy with Malfoy watching.Collapse )


Hey, Team kissesforcrises: My internet connection has been very dodgy, this last couple of weeks, so I just have to make a belated post pointing you all (if you haven't seen it yet) to reallycorking's beautiful (G-rated) illustration of Things You Shouldn't Do at Christmas, try again next Christmas. Go, look, comment, love. A belated Happy New Year, all! ♥


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